discount for honest in ivory brides
discount for honest in ivory brides
heirloom your wedding dress

Your wedding is over…you had a freaking blast… now what? We scoured Spokane, and the internet, for the best solution for brides who wish to clean, repair, and then preserve their gown. Wait, you’re picturing that clunky preservation box that your mom’s dress was in, that is really smelly… is that still a thing? Well, yes, but this is with Organic & Environmentally Friendly Products.


Heirlooming is $325 & Honest in Ivory brides get a $50 discount ($275 total)

how does it work?
step one

step one

Book a 30 min Heirloom Appointment with us!

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step two

step two

Bring in your dress to us at your appointment. Come ready to go through with us exactly what repairs you’d like to add to your preservation, as needed.

step three

step three

We provide insured and tracked shipping for you.

The Wedding Gown Preservation Company is located in Binghamton, NY.

step four

step four

The process will take between 3-10 weeks from the day you bring it in to us depending on the size of your gown & the amount of work that needs to be done. The actual preservation takes around 20 days.

step five

step five

When it’s done, the dress will arrive at your home!

Clean, repaired, and preserved. Easy peasy.

100 year warranty

The 100 year warranty protects your gown against yellowing for up to 100 years from the day it's preserved. If you feel your gown has at all yellowed during that time, we'll preserve it again at no extra charge.


If you open your box your warranty will still be valid. We include "sealing squares" which you can use to reseal the seams of your kit in the event you need to open it. However, we ask that you do not take your gown completely out of the Preservation Chest, due to the chance of environmental contaminants, such as oil from your skin, which will void your 100 year warranty.

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frequently asked

We think the sooner the better! If you are looking at a weekend appointment, we often book out on weekends about 2-3 weeks in advance. You can book an appointment online. We will want to know some more info about you, your style, and your wedding too!

Your dress will receive its own unique tracking bar code which allows us to track the progress of your gown as it makes its way through each preservation station at the facility. This information is linked online with their GownTracker™ system to allow you to track the progress of your gown 24/7.

Their revolutionary SystemK4 wedding gown cleaning technology is 100% organic, just like the fabrics in your gown! Not only is it non-hazardous to your gown and the environment, SYSTEMK4 cleans and protects your gown much more effectively than the dangerous PERC chemicals used by your local dry cleaner. This company has been in this business since 1913, so their are the absolute Pros.

The Wedding Gown Preservation Company keeps an in-house master seamstress on staff that can work magic on your gown. From damaged lace to a fabric pull, our seamstress can fix what you may have thought was an impossible repair. One out of ten gowns that arrive at the preservation facility has minor fabric damage that requires a repair and most brides never noticed the damage. This minor damage can include:


- Pulls
- Runs
- Lace Damage
- Organza Tears
- Worn Material
- Loose Adornments (crystals, sequins, etc.)

If your gown has more than just a slight tear, pulled material, or loose adornments, our team will call you to review options and any additional charges that might be incurred in the process. We will never make a major repair without your consent.

Absolutely. They take great care in maintaining the vibrancy and integrity of wedding gowns comprised of dyed fabrics.

For as long as they have been the #1 online dealer for the Wedding Gown Preservation Company they have never had a brides dress lost during shipping. This can be attributed to the strict instructions we have for the delivery drivers and the processes we have set in place to keep your dress safe and secure.

The preservation box is made of PH neutral, acid-free, heavy duty corrugated cardboard coated in a UV resistant sealant. The preservation window is also UV resistant.

5 complimentary items can be included to be preserved with your wedding dress. These can include gloves, veil, train, hat, jacket, shawl, handkerchief, cape, duster, garter, ring pillow, money bag, purse, and garter. In the event that you have more than 5 items that you'd like preserved, you'll be charged $10 for each additional item. We also offer preservation for shoes, slip, and a silk bouquet for an extra $35 each.


Call or email us ( for any additional questions. See you soon!