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Taylor + Cody

(July 8, 2023 in White Bird, ID)

Step into a world where dreams are woven into reality, where love takes center stage, and where every detail is a testament to a lifelong promise. Today, we invite you to join us in celebrating the extraordinary wedding journey of one of our real brides. At Honest in Ivory, we've had the immense privilege of being part of countless love stories, but today, we're thrilled to share the remarkable wedding day of one of our real brides. From the very first spark of inspiration to the breathtaking moment she said her vows, we've been honored to play a part in bringing her wedding dreams to life. In this blog post, we'll immerse ourselves in the exquisite details, the heartfelt emotions, and the pure enchantment of a wedding day that encapsulates the essence of love. This isn't just a wedding; it's a celebration of love's boundless beauty, and we're excited to invite you into this unforgettable experience.

By our real bride, Taylor:

What was the vision for your wedding?

Colorful, simple backyard wedding. It ended up exactly as planned from the beginning. The ceremony was held on the lower beach and reception followed on the green grass with tables that had white linens, colorful candlesticks, and flower bud vases. The food was done by the bride and her mother with the help of a friend who smoked many pounds of tri-tip.

How did it go the day-of?

Our day was very simple, laid back, and full of a lot of love and laughter. Our flower girl was my (the bride’s) great-grandmother, a very special person to me my entire life and a loving soul. The bride walked with her 6-year-old son down the aisle.

What is your #1 tip to future brides?

My #1 tip is that no matter how many things you think could be going wrong not a single one of them is worth putting yourself in an upset mood over. Enjoy your day no matter how many things go wrong for you. You get to marry your Best friend, the person you will share many more upsetting and happy moments with so make you can smile and enjoy your day no matter what. Usually, the only one who knows something isn’t according to plan is you anyway!