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Tailynn + Jon

August 23, 2023 in Whidbey Island, WA

Welcome back to the Ivory Bride Blog, where we share stories from our real brides about their real weddings! In today's post, get ready to be inspired by this couple's vision for the wedding as a Summer solstice ceremony with a Pacific Northwest fairy tale theme, adorned in lavender, eucalyptus, and gold. The venue was a ranch associated with The Forgotten Children’s Foundation, an organization providing therapeutic resources for children using horses. The bride found her dress, the Marcail by Willowby, after a 6-month search, and the only shop with it in stock was Honest in Ivory, requiring a 6-hour journey from Whidbey. On the day-of, the wedding departed from tradition with private vows, contributing to an authentic and special atmosphere. The bride wrote the ceremonial script, and the ceremony included a handfasting ritual with flower girls, birdseed toss, and departure down the aisle. The #1 tip for future brides is to slow down on the wedding day, breathe, and live in the moment. The advice also emphasizes that even if things don't go as planned, the guests likely won't notice, and it's essential to focus on enjoying the day.


By our real bride, Tailynn:

What was the vision for your wedding?

Summer solstice ceremony. Pacific Northwest fairy tale dressed in lavender and eucalyptus and kissed with gold. The vendor was a ranch that I grew up on as a child. The ranch is run by The Forgotten Children’s Foundation which is an organization that provides therapeutic resources using horses for children who just need to be a kid for a while. This also includes children with disabilities. I spent 6 months searching for a dress, but nothing felt right. That was until one day I came across the Marcail by Willowby and I instantly knew it was The Dress. After calling 15 different shops, Honest in Ivory was the only bridal shop in the PNW that had this dress in stock. Your bridal shop was a 6-hour drive from where I live in Whidbey so my best friend, mother-in-law, and myself hopped on a plane and flew there! It was an Incredible experience. I still kept my mind open and tried on several other dresses but when I tell you that the Marcail was it, the glass slipper fit. I felt like a true Stevie Nicks.

How did it go the day-of?

We didn’t have a traditional wedding, we did our vows in private. This made it feel more authentic and special. I wrote our entire ceremonial script that our ordain read. We had a handfasting ceremony where all 5 flower girls including my 2 year old daughter placed the ribbons on our join hands. The flower girls threw birdseed down the aisle and the guests all got a cup of birdseed to throw at our departure down the aisle.


What is your #1 tip to future brides?

My best tip is to do yourself a favor and slow down on the day of your wedding. Remember to breathe and live IN the moment. The last advice I can give would be that if anything goes “wrong” or not the way you planned, just remember that YOU are the only one who knows that. The guests won’t.


DRESS: Marcail by Willowby

PHOTOGRAPHER: @jhodgesphoto