Olivia + Garrett. Mobile Image

Olivia + Garrett

(August 20, 2022 in East Wenatchee, WA)

Looking for inspiration for a whimsical and bohemian wedding? Look no further than the beautiful wedding of Olivia and Garrett last August. Held in a forest clearing in East Wenatchee, Washington, this wedding is a true masterpiece of creativity and personalization. From the bride's lace gown to the exquisite venue, every detail was carefully chosen to reflect the couple's unique style and love for each other. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the stunning photographs and vendors involved in this magical wedding, providing you with inspiration and ideas for planning your own special day.

By our real bride, Olivia:

What was the vision for your wedding?

I wanted our wedding to be simple and timeless with a little Western/rustic flare. My Pinterest board developed over time but by the end, all of my ideas and visions completely came to life. Our venue was a family ranch that has been in the family for over 100 years, our photographers were semi-local and I just fell in love with their Instagram feed, we had Costco Pizza for dinner, and our best friend and local bartender took care of drinks!

How did it go the day-of?


The morning of the wedding my bridesmaids and I woke up in a hotel in downtown Wenatchee. We did a hot girl walk first thing to get coffee and breakfast. The weather was perfect. We made our way up to the ranch and slowly started setting up our makeup and hair tools. I had organized all of the decor (centerpieces, signs, etc.) in totes with pictures of what I wanted so by the time we got there, the groom and groomsmen had EVERYTHING set up exactly how I wanted it.

We began getting ready and within 45 minutes our photographers were there and getting started! After getting ready with my girls and the moms, we got in the car and drove about 15 minutes to our first look spot. The ranch is roughly 3800 acres so picking the perfect spot wasn’t easy. Along with our first look, we exchanged gifts. My grandpa and family pet had passed away shortly before the wedding so my gift was a locket with their pictures in it. Garrett’s grandpa, who he was very close to, has also passed away so his gift was a pin for his vest that had a picture of his grandpa on it.

Being that it was August in Wenatchee, it got hot! For family and bridal pictures we were fortunate to find shade and get through all of the pictures like rapid fire. We ended up finishing pictures slightly early and got to relax in the AC before the ceremony.

We had set out 350 chairs and from what I was told, all chairs were full AND there were people standing. Thankfully, we planned for this when it came to food and drinks! Before beginning the ceremony, we had a moment of silence for my grandpa. He passed away just two weeks before the wedding and had all the intentions in the world of being there. Things got emotional, but when you’re marrying your best friend and your other best friend is officiating it, they know how to wipe the tears and bring a smile to your face. We laughed and had a surprise or two in the ceremony, but it was short and sweet and just perfect for us. We skipped the traditional declaration of intent and exchanged our own written vows. I wanted to read our vows in front of everyone but Garrett was completely against it. Up until the moment came and he said “Let’s do it”. I don’t know who was more surprised, me or him!

For dinner, we had Costco pizza and it was perfect! Everyone loved it. They just grabbed a box and took it to the table for everyone to share. One of my favorite parts of the day was our private dinner. My bridesmaids grabbed me and Garrett a plate and after the ceremony, we tucked away his from everyone. We actually got to eat and just soak up what just happened. We talked and laughed and just had the first bit of alone time of the entire day. During dinner, we had short speeches and then made our rounds talking to everyone that we could.

As we transitioned to the reception we had the traditional first dance but we mixed it up after that! For the Father-Daughter dance, I danced with my dad and then halfway through my father-in-law stepped in. We did the same for the Mother-Son dance. Garrett’s mom danced with him for the first half, then my mom stepped in for the second. We followed that with a surprise dance for our siblings as well as one for just the parents. Our families are incredibly close and we wanted to celebrate that. Lots of tears were shed by everyone.

We skipped the garter and bouquet toss as well as the cake cutting. Our main goal was to party and dance, and that is exactly what we did. Once the dance floor opened, it stayed full the entire time! We had swing dancing, line dancing, and even a little dirty dancing. The party lasted until 1:30 in the morning.

One of the best parts of having a private venue was no curfew AND everyone got to camp at the venue. We had almost 30 trailers and tents set up so people could dance the night away and then walk to bed. We truly did not have one hiccup the entire day. At least that I know of!


What is your #1 tip to future brides?


100%, WITHOUT A DOUBT, HAVE A PRIVATE DINNER. I have heard countless brides say they never got to eat on their wedding day and I believe it. Once we stepped into the reception area, we didn’t sit down or stop talking once. It will be the same for you but TRUST ME, you need to eat.

I asked two of my bridesmaids to grab a plate of food for me and my husband Garrett. As we walked out of the ceremony we were handed a plate and found a place to basically hide from everyone. It happened to be the tailgate of a truck but we loved it. We actually got to eat, talk, and process everything. We had time to think and to laugh and to just be alone for the first time that entire day. It was like a little recharge before we entered the reception. Absolutely do this.