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Melissa + Chase


(March 3, 2023 in Post Falls, ID)


Welcome to the Ivory blog, where we feature our real brides and the captivating stories behind their extraordinary weddings. In this post, we delve into the inspiring vision that brought one couple's dream wedding to life. It all began with a Pinterest board bursting with ideas, exploring the seasons, colors, and vibes that resonated with the couple. Guided by Chase's love for dark blue, the bride embarked on a journey of discovery, stumbling upon the Lister code of arms and its celestial stars. Captivated by the romantic allure of these stars, the couple envisioned a Starry Evening infused with hints of old-world charm.


Through diligent research and the help of their network of family, friends, and work connections, they carefully selected vendors who understood their vision.


On the day of their wedding, tranquility, and joy prevailed as the couple chose to embrace each moment, creating an atmosphere of peace and enjoyment. Set on the whimsical date of 3-23-23, their unconventional Thursday celebration featured unique touches like an antique buffet repurposed as a cake-cutting table and a thrifted pew for the sweethearts' table seating. Thrifted, antiqued, and handcrafted elements seamlessly came together, including star-shaped orange creamsicle lollipops, lovingly made by the bride and her father as heartfelt favors. The venue itself, an old church transformed into an art gallery, provided a captivating backdrop for their celebration. As you immerse yourself in their story, the bride shares her number one tip for future brides—writing thank you cards promptly, allowing for a more meaningful expression of gratitude without the stress of a looming task. Join us as we unveil the vision, details, and cherished moments that made this wedding a true reflection of love and individuality.


By our real bride, Melissa:


What was the vision for your wedding?


In the beginning, my Pinterest board had lots of ideas depending on season vibes and colors. Chase loves dark blue so I went that direction. As I was doing my research I learned the name Lister Code of Arms has stars on it. Stars would be a romantic vibe/experience. So Starry Evening with a hint of old-world charm became the theme and vision. And it became what I wanted.

Vendors all ended up with some research and family/friend/work connections we were able to figure out vendors.


How did it go the day-of?


The day of the wedding actually was very peaceful and enjoyable. Choosing to embrace the day and it’s moments making them enjoyable and not stressful was something big for both of us. The day was actually on a Thursday but we had to have the fun date 3-23-23. The wedding decor was different we used an old buffet found at an antique store and used it for the cake-cutting table. The sweethearts’ table seating was a thrifted small pew. The majority of items were thrifted/antiqued and crafted together. For example, the favors were star lollipops flavored orange creamsicle handmade by the bride and her father. The venue was an old church/art gallery which was a fun combo.


What is your #1 tip to future brides?


I wrote my thank you cards anytime someone purchased of the registry or gave a gift as they came. So that I wouldn’t fall behind and could write more meaningful thank you cards. So by not waiting till the end we could just enjoy being married and not worried about thank you cards.


Dress: Naomi by Sincerity

Photographer: Megan Coleman Photography

Venue: Jacklin Arts & Cultural Center

Makeup: Sierra Shupe

Hair Stylist: Megan Maggart

Dj: Sturd Cooked It Beats

Caterer: Palet Cakes and Cater

Cake: Kim Wier

Flowers: Rose and Blossom Weddings