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Mackenzie + Jarret

(July 29, 2023 in Spokane, WA)

Welcome back to the Ivory Bride Blog, where we share stories about our real brides and their real weddings! In today's post, our real bride shares all about her wedding held on July 29th, 2023, at the Evermore Event Center. The couple envisioned a rustic yet modern, vintage, boho, and soft wedding theme. The day went perfectly, with the support of family and friends, including long-time childhood friends and a high school counselor/wrestling coach who officiated the ceremony. Special moments included private vows, a first touch, and a branding unity ceremony with a custom iron brand made by the father-in-law. The reception featured individual entrances for the wedding party, a designated dance for married couples, and a sentimental exit in the groom's 1969 C10 stepside truck. Budget-friendly tips included using the "POV" app as a disposable camera replacement and incorporating polaroids into the guestbook. The #1 tip for future brides is to take 5 minutes with their spouse after the ceremony to savor the moment.

By our real bride, Mackenzie:

What was the vision for your wedding? 

Rustic and modern, vintage, boho, soft.


How did it go the day-of? 

It was so perfect in every way! My family and friends helped the day go so smoothly and I loved having all of my friends and family there on one of the most important days for us!

As for vows, my husband doesn’t like to speak publicly so we wanted to do something more intimate, we did private vows, and a first touch because I wanted the first time for him to see me walking down the aisle.

For a unity ceremony, we did a branding. My father-in-law made a custom iron brand and we branded a cowhide that we hang in our house with our first dance quote attached to it.

We have been together since we were 15, neighbors and high school sweethearts! We invited long-time childhood friends we grew up with that helped establish our relationship from the beginning and our officiant was our high school counselor/wrestling coach because my husband was a four-time state champion.
this made the ceremony more special and memorable.

For our reception, our wedding party all had their own moment when they entered to make sure they had a spotlight after all they had helped with. We also had a designated dance for all of the married couples to dance to, and it ended with my grandparents who had been together the longest and is a big part of our relationship and marriage aspirations.

We wanted our dogs to be there as our ring bearers but that didn’t unfortunately work out, we did have a photo of them at the head table where we were sitting that way we could have a part of them there.

The exit vehicle we used was my husband's 1969 C10 step-side, this is the truck we used to go to all of our special events including all of the dances we went together in high school!

We used the app “POV” as a disposal camera replacement due to the price increase as a budget-friendly tip! I put a framed QR code on every table that way the guests can scan it and take photos from their phones and it uploads to yours as the day goes on. This way you can see all the special things you may have missed!

Our guestbook was also perfect, we had a hard time choosing this one but we used Polaroids a stuck them into a wedding book we received as a gift, we printed out wedding photos and adding to that book so we have it all in one place we can enjoy all the time.

We made sure to add very special and memorable things to the day due to our loving sentimental moments!

At the end of the day, I married my best friend and no matter if something may have happened it was perfect in every way due to the man I get to spend my life with!


What is your #1 tip to future brides?: 

Enjoy the day, which is probably said a lot but unfortunately, the day can go by pretty quickly. Everyone asking you to take photos or wanting to talk to you. Your photographer getting the special and perfect shots! My best advice is to take 5 minutes with your new spouse right after your ceremony just the two of you due to how quickly the day can go by!