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Kelton + Scott

(June 25, 2023 in Kingston, Idaho)

Welcome back to the Ivory Blog where we share stories about our real brides and their gorgeous weddings! When our real bride and her partner first envisioned their wedding day, they had a clear and unwavering vision in mind – one that embodied their essence as a couple. It wasn't about extravagant frills or over-the-top extravagance; it was about celebrating love, togetherness, and the things they cherished most. Their primary goal was to create an atmosphere that exuded casual charm and unbridled fun while staying true to their themes. Nestled in the picturesque embrace of Castle Rock Ranch, their wedding was a weekend-long celebration, a three-day love fest that showcased the very heart of the Silver Valley, a place they call home and hold dear. As we look back on their incredible day, we're excited to share with you the story of how this couple’s vision came to life and why simplicity, natural beauty, and the company of loved ones were the guiding stars of their unforgettable wedding journey.

By our real bride, Kelton:

What was the vision for your wedding?

Our main goal for our wedding was for it to be casual, and fun, and represent who we are and what we like to do as a couple. The location was perfect; all our friends and family were able to camp on location for the entire weekend and celebrate by hiking, fishing, swimming, eating good food and frolicking through the ranch. We wanted very few extra decorations because we knew the simple magic of the location was exactly what we wanted. Jordan and Albert at Castle Rock Ranch were incredibly accommodating. We hired Versalia Pizza from Spokane to cook wood-fired pizzas for all of our guests and Sprinkle & Crumb Bakery in Osburn to bake cookies. Of course, our flowers were created by one of our best friends in Wallace, Sarah from Sol & Serre. All of our details were perfect!

How did it go the day-of?

The weekend went amazingly. We through a three-day party in the Silver Valley to show off the place we love to live. We started out by riding the gondola to the top of Silver Mountain on Friday night and then had a private dinner at Radio Brewing. Ashley at Radio created specialty cans of beer featuring a hand drawing of our two dogs, Etta and Louie, on the label. Saturday was spent up the river at Castle Rock Ranch where our guests went hiking, swimming, rafting, fishing, and trail-running. Our siblings and parents helped put on an amazing pulled pork dinner, which culminated with a late night around the campfire. Sunday was the day of our ceremony. Our dogs were our only wedding party and walked down the aisle with us. During the ceremony, we asked each of our guests to write small pieces of advice on cards we had made. We finished the night with wood-fired pizza, cookies, and dancing to one of our favorite live bands, Hardwood Heart from Missoula!

What is your #1 tip to future brides?

Stay simple. Pick a venue that has enough natural beauty to offer, so you don't have to spend so much time making decorations.

Avoid the wedding party. Have your family and dogs walk down the aisle instead. :)