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Stephanie + Phenix

(June 01, 2019 in Spokane, WA)

In todays blog post, the author had a vintage chic vision for her wedding and chose vendors based on morals, values, and lifestyle choices. On the day of the wedding, everything went smoothly, and the author had a great support group that received many compliments. Instead of personalized vows, the author and her husband made a toast to each other. The author's advice to future brides is to enjoy the journey of wedding planning and not allow negative energy to ruin the day. Additionally, she emphasizes being considerate of others on the big day as they are invited for a reason.

Stephanie looked absolutely gorgeous in this lace gown by Wtoo. The traditional lace pattern adds a vintage, romantic feel to this classic dress. The bodice has a beautiful v-neckline and a gorgeous open back. Stephanie added our Ashton Duet by Sara Gabriel Designs to accentuate the waistline and add a little bit of bling.

By our real bride, Stephanie:

What was the vision for your wedding? 

My Pinterest was littered with vintage chic which is what I ended up with. Ive been pinning ever since Phenix and I were 2 months into our relationship and knew we were going to be married so when the time came to plan, I was prepared. I chose my vendors based off morals, values, and places that could cater to our lifestyle choices on diet, etc.

How did it go the day-of?

My wedding went off without a hitch. Either Im more laid back than the average bride or I just had an amazing support group who were there to serve on our big day. (Im pretty sure it was the latter.) I cant count how many comments I got about how wonderful the people I surround myself with were that day. My wedding was different as it wasnt just focused on us. Yes it was a beautiful declaration of our commitment for the rest of our lives but we made it a point to recognize our groomsmen, bridesmaids, and family all of whom are reasons weve had a successful relationship/life/wedding. My husband and I made a toast to each other rather than do personalized vows which I thought was really fun. Id say I followed the something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue tradition, my favorite one being my late grandmothers turquoise for my something old.

What is your #1 tip to future brides?

Gosh, there are absolutely so many rockin tips. Id probably say if youre walking away from wedding planning everyday stressed or frustrated, youre doing it wrong. This is a time to have fun and really enjoy the journey that is seeing everything come together. Allowing things or people to steal that joy away from you is an absolute no no in my book. This means no relatives who arent willing to put their beef aside to bring that negative energy to your day. I do, however, believe some of us brides can go about our wedding day making it all about us. Even though the day is a celebration of your awesome journey into marriage, we should honor and be considerate of those who we are inviting because if they didnt mean the world to us, we wouldnt invite them right? I can assure you you wont have a horrible wedding day if you take your eyes of yourself and still seek to serve others.

Dress: Wtoo

Duet: Ashton Duet by Sara Gabriel Designs

Photographer: Caleb & Britt Photography

Makeup Artist: Felicia Rodgers

Florist: Fifty Flowers

Dessert: Casual Friday Donuts