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Marissa + Nicholas

(August 29, 2020 in Lewiston, ID)

The author of the blog post wanted an elegant and timeless wedding with minimalist decorations. After booking the venue for their summer 2020 wedding, the shutdowns caused them to rebook with another venue that was close to their hometown in Lewiston, Idaho. The author served as their own wedding planner and was very organized, even creating itineraries for all individuals involved and posting them on the doors of the men's and women's suits. They also made snacks and beverages for their guests and created their own floral arrangements. The wedding day was non-traditional, and the author's biggest piece of advice for future brides is to go with their hearts and be direct with all parties they work with.

Marissa was absolutely gorgeous in our Eliana gown by Essense of Australia. This is a stunning fit and flare gown made of the most comfortable crepe material. The bodice has a flattering v-neckline, lattice detailing, and bold lace that trickles down into the skirt to frame the hips. The lace can also be seen along the edges of the skirt and the stunning train. A low V-back and buttons all the way down the train complete this dramatic gown.

By our real bride, Marissa:

What was the vision for your wedding? 

Elegant, timeless, but minimalist in decorations for sure! Ive never been a gal whos dreamed of her wedding since the day I was born. So my Pinterest board was made shortly after our engagement in December 2019! Everything I pinned and the colors didnt change once! I knew exactly what I wanted from my dress to colors and deco! Our plan was to be married OUT of our hometown (Lewiston) and we choose Spokane! We fell in love with Chateau Rive, booked within 2 months of being engaged for a summer wedding in 2020. We are total river people and it just fits our style and what we were looking for for our big day. We all know how 2020 went and WA shortly shut down. Absolutely heartbreaking! We were not about to cancel as were in our 30s, ready to move on from the wedding scene, build our home and start a family! So we rebooked with Lindsay Creek Vineyards close to our hometown in Lewiston, ID and it was a dream! They were amazing to work with and the venue is gorgeous. My vendors were all booked for Spokane and located in Spokane but they were able to travel a couple of hours to our new venue for a travel fee and it was totally doable! For my Spokane vendors, I found them all at a bridal fair in Spokane.

How did it go the day-of?  

My wedding went perfectly! I was my own wedding planner and by that, I had to be overly organized there was not one thing forgotten, not packed, from extra extensions cords.. to a whole portfolio of drawings and pictures of what decorations were to look like that I had set up weeks before and had developed and posted for any of my help to get a better idea of the flow of deco! 

Itineraries were handed out to every individual who played a part in the wedding and posted on the mens and ladies suite doors! I not only made tons of snacks, dips, meat, and cheese trays the day before (tons of people forget to eat, the day of the wedding!) and beverages of course! 

I the bride did all my own fresh floral arrangements from my bouquet to 15+ boutonnieres.. my florals were delivered to my doorstep from Costco the Thursday before and all arrangements were made Thursday and Friday! I had the venue coordinator freaked out before the wedding knowing I was doing so much myself.. to the day after the wedding telling me I should start a wedding coordinating business and do floral for more weddings! 

Our day of timeline was down to the minute and we were ahead of schedule 30 minutes before the wedding! My photographer said, What would you like to do with this time? I asked, Well what would you normally do with the extra time? She responded and said, This has never happened!! I decided to go relax with my wedding girls and tuck away early! I told the photographer to go take a break! 

Nothing was traditional! NOTHING! And thats exactly what I wanted! 

We threw the biggest party of our lives and nailed it! Huge party!

What is your #1 tip to future brides? 

DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE ELSE!! If your heart is set on certain things go with it! There are no wrong or right answers when it comes to YOUR wedding. Everything turns out beautifully no matter what-all that there is at the end of that day is your LOVE the rest is history and documented with photos! 

Photography: I was very upfront with my photographer and consider her a friend now after my wedding! I told her who I did and did not want in photos... how many of certain poses or people (family), I asked her to tell me when to stand taller, suck it in, and move a certain way to have a more flattering photo and she totally did! Ultimately this day is about you and your significant other. Im not putting tons of photos of family, and friends, maybe the late-night photos after the bar says the last call on my wall my walls will have just my and my husbands photos! 

Again its all in what you want! But my biggest tip is just to be extremely direct with all parties you work with.

Dress: Eliana by Essense of Australia

Photographer: Hannah Smith Designs

Venue: Lindsay Creek Vineyards

Hair and Makeup: DT Studio

Bridesmaid Dresses: Birdy Grey

Grooms Attire: Tuxedo Gallery

Rings: Sam Dial Jewelers

DJ: Complete Weddings + Events

Catering: Red Rock Catering