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Kataryna + Dustin

(June 20, 2020 in Tensed, ID)

In todays blog post, the author describes the vision for their wedding as a summer camp-themed weekend that blends their love for the outdoors with elegant style. They chose a rustic camp venue with 92 acres of forest for an enchanted forest setting. All guests had their own cabins for the weekend, and they spent time hiking, exploring, fishing, and playing games. The couple wrote their own vows, had their children participate in the ceremony, and included a handfasting ceremony. The author's #1 tip for future brides is to prioritize the details that are important to them and have grace with themselves if they can't get to them all.

Our real bride Kataryna looked beautiful in our Essie gown by Essense of Australia. This dress is a gorgeous mermaid fit with lace appliques and a little bit of sequin and beading for a subtle sparkle. The appliques are ivory and the lining of the dress is a beautiful rum color. Side cutouts help accentuate curves and jersey lining ensures comfort all day long. This gown also has delicate beaded straps, an open back with belt detail, buttons, and a little bit of booty ruching; not to mention the absolutely stunning train.

By our real bride, Kataryna:

What was the vision for your wedding? 

The vision for our wedding was to marry my husbands rugged, mountain-man ways with my more glamorous style. We both love the outdoors, backpacking, hiking, camping, and hunting together. So we decided to have a summer camp-themed wedding weekend where rustic met elegance. I wanted it to be an enchanted forest and the camp venue has 92 acres of spectacular forest that made for the perfect setting. All of our guests had their own cabins for the weekend, we did group meals in the large dining hall, played games, hiked and explored, fished the pond, and spent the most wonderful weekend celebrating our love with our closest friends and family. It was all about the family too since we blended ours together. His 4 children and my two now all belong to one big happy family. They were a big part of the day too. It honestly went exactly how we wanted it to. It was so perfect and full of tears, love, and laughter.

I chose most of the vendors but Dustin definitely had a say in everything. Obviously, I had to get my dress at the best bridal shop in town. Once I knew I wanted a summer camp for a venue, I googled! I toured one other one before touring Camp Sanders. I fell in LOVE with camp sanders the minute I saw them. It is so rustic and old, and it was in the middle of nowhere and was perfect and charming. The sweet pastor and lady that run it are the sweetest ever and made sure it was everything we wanted. They were so chill about letting us bring in anything we needed and wanted to make our weekend exactly what we wanted. We chose Hiros BBQ to cater the food because they are seriously the best and Dustins main requirement was good food. They delivered! And didnt even charge me extra to travel the hour south of CDA. Our photographer actually used to teach me when I was in school! She is darling and her photos are stunning every time. I knew I couldnt get married without my hair goddess Angela doing my hair, so I booked her 2 years in advance. Our DJ was Jarin Bressler with Snow Wood Studios and he was great. He didnt mind staying up super late to keep the party going. A lot of the other things were DIY, and we had to be savvy shoppers since most of the last-minute things were during the lockdown.

How did it go the day-of?

We each wrote our own vows. Our children walked hand in hand down the aisle right before me and gave their dad a big hug before sitting down (the tears started flowing then). My dad walked me down the aisle and our sweet puppy Luna was following close behind (she doesnt leave moms side for long). I remember looking at Dustin and seeing him crying and I just could not wait to hold his hand and pledge my love to him forever. He is truly my person. My dad kissed my cheek and gave my hand to Dustin and when he turned to sit down he ripped my veil off. We all laughed and that broke up the tears for a bit. My little brother officiated for us and he did the best job. Our two oldest daughters (16 and 12) got up and each gave a speech. If the whole audience wasnt crying before then, they definitely all were while our daughters were speaking! Even all the burly men had tears and tissues. It was honestly the sweetest and I will never forget those moments. After that we read our vows to one another, promising to love each other into eternity, (I also promised to always let him go hunting). Then we did a handfasting ceremony. We had each made our own set of cords for it with special trinkets and things. They are braided and must never be undone as long as we are married. It is a Scottish tradition usually performed on the summer solstice, and low and behold, our ceremony was on the summer solstice! My brother wrapped our cords around our hands and said a prayer to never let our union come undone. We exchanged rings and were pronounced man and wife! The sheer joy and happiness I felt kissing and hugging him after that is indescribable. Our pup Luna was laying on our rug for the ceremony the whole time, by the way. We walked back down and were able to greet all of our family and guests and then it was on to photos, food, drinks, and dancing!

What is your #1 tip to future brides?

My best tip is to actually DO the little things. If the details are important to you, then make time for them. But also have grace with yourself if you cant get to them all, prioritize them, and go from there. I absolutely love how everything turned out with my wedding because I included the details that spoke to my heart.

Dress: Essie by Essense of Australia

Venue: Camp Sanders

Photographer: Amanda Roman

DJ: Jarin Bressler with Snow Wood Studios

Catering: Hiros BBQ 

Hairstylist: Angela Lave Mayer

Cake: Jacinta Angele

Florist: Global Rose