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Kaitlyn + Emma

(July 4, 2021 in Heather Lake, WA)

Planning a wedding can be stressful, especially when unexpected events like a pandemic come into play. But for one couple, their vision for their wedding was all about doing it their own way. Originally planning an elegant boho wedding, they had to change their plans due to COVID-19 and instead got married on their first hike together, with a reception at a family farm two weeks later. The day was full of special moments, from hiking up the mountain with loved ones to dancing with their pup and sharing a special dance with their moms. Their #1 tip for future brides? Do what you and your partner want and don't bend over backwards for others.

Kaitlyn and Emma both looked absolutely STUNNING in their gowns! Kaitlyn wore our Jaden gown by All Who Wander. Its an A-line fit with the most gorgeous crochet sheet lace in a boho pattern. It features a unique halter neck top and a stunning open back. Emma wore our Alba gown by Willowby which is a gorgeous sheath fit also made out of a beautiful crochet lace! The pattern of the lace and the sheath fit of the gown accentuates the figure and a plunging v-neckline adds a little bit of drama. A keyhole back with a fringe detail completes this boho look. We could not be more obsessed with these two and how beautifully their gowns complemented one another!

By our real brides, Kaitlyn and Emma:

What was the vision for your wedding?

We wanted to make sure our wedding was our own. At first, we were talking about an elegant boho wedding. We just knew it had to be outside and we had all our plans set and money ready to go. Then Covid hit and we had to postpone our wedding for two years. We didnt know what was going to happen. So all our plans changed. We decided to get married on the first hike we ever did as a couple, then we had our reception two weeks later at a family farm. I was able to get a caterer easily because my sister runs a restaurant. Our flowers came from Emmas aunt who runs a flower business on the farm.

How did it go the day-of?

Emma and I are very nontraditional and all we cared about was us for our big day. We woke up around 5:00 am, and had some coffee with my parents and our good friend that traveled with us from Spokane. We talked about the day, which was going to be long. Our friend Trevor, came up with a brilliant idea to put our dresses in garbage bags to prevent them from getting dirty on the hike. BRILLIANT. We got the car packed, and Emma and I both double-checked that we had everything. We picked up two of our bridesmaids then off to the mountains we went.

Once we were up on the mountain, that was it. I didnt really know how many people were going to be hiking with us but we had sent out a message to a few people about it. We got up there and both of our parents were there and all of our really good friends, minus a few who were working or had plans. As we were hiking up 2.2 miles of natural stairs, I looked back and saw everyone smiling and having a great time. It was so nice to see everyone I love all together in my favorite place having a wonderful time. It took about twoish hours for everyone to get to our spot at the top. Once everyone was there it was time to relax and eat. Then Emma and I started to get ready next to each other on the rock.

When Emma and I said I do, our group cheered. Then, we heard people cheering coming from all around the lake and it was so beautiful to hear. As we were walking around the lake taking photos, we struggled to walk in our dresses. We had our hiking boots on under our dresses, and it didnt make it much easier. Thankfully, we didnt fall, but I almost did!

As we headed down the mountain, all the hikers going up congratulated us. I was in my normal hiking clothes so I was a little confused but thankful. We get down to the car, and it is covered in dust writing: Just married, The Grafes, and Love Wins. My mom and brother had done it and it was heartwarming.

Later that night, my mother set up a dinner at a restaurant in Mukilteo right on the water. Our family and some bridesmaids were there, all in their best dress. My brother made a speech. We didnt really get along growing up, but as adults, we are starting to. I was nervous about what he was going to say, but I was blown away. He was incredibly sweet and humble, and then to find out that he looks up to me and is proud of me, I was bawling. After hearing what he said it changed our relationship for the better.

Emma and I were also surprised with a hotel room. My mom filled it with white rose petals and a cheese board with champagne; it was lovely.

Two weeks later we had our reception. Emmas stepmoms family owned the farm we had it at. It was special because Emmas dad married her stepmom here 8 years ago. Under the same tree around all our friends and family, Emma and I said our vows to one another again. We wanted everyone at the reception to be a part of a special moment and it was perfect. As Emma and I were in the middle of our first dance, our pup Pluto came up to us and wanted to dance also. So he jumped up, and we caught his legs and danced a few beats with him together.

While Emma and her dad were dancing, they just kept smiling into each others eyes telling one another how much they love them. I was dancing with my stepdad and had a special moment, but then all of a sudden my mom pushed my stepdad out of the way. She grabbed me and held me tight and finished the dance with me. It was truly special to me because my mom was scared for me when I first came out as a lesbian. She never thought we would see my wedding day, and here we were dancing together at my wedding reception.

The evening finished with a beautiful sunset and our friends and family gathered around a roaring fire, roasting marshmallows. It was a great ending to a beautiful day.

What is your #1 tip to future brides? 

Do what you and your fiancée want. Dont bend over backward for other people.
Write down addresses and names, dont save them to a file.
Only bring two people with you to pick out your dress. I had two appointments, one with six people and one with only one person besides me. I was way less stressed out having one person with me than I was with six. Six people was just overwhelming and it was hard to make a decision.
With food, dont stress. No need to go overboard with extra food. Not everyone will eat a full plate!

Kaitlyns gown: Jaden by All Who Wander

Emmas gown: Alba by Willowby

Catering: Moonshine BBQ

Flowers: Beezie & Co