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Julia + Josh

(December 21, 2019 in Seattle, WA)

Planning a wedding can be an incredibly stressful and overwhelming experience, but it's also a chance to bring your vision to life and celebrate with the people you love most. In this blog post, we hear from a bride who had a clear vision for her winter wedding: a black tie, simple yet elegant details, and a festive holiday atmosphere. Despite all the planning and preparation leading up to the big day, she was able to enjoy every moment thanks to a day-of coordinator and a relaxed, non-traditional vibe. Her number one tip for future brides? Enjoy the planning process, take a step back when it gets too stressful, and remember to take moments throughout the night to appreciate everything and everyone around you.

Julia looked absolutely stunning in our Kelsey gown by LAmour. This is a beautiful sheath-fit gown with gorgeous bold lace appliques. The unlined bodice helps define the waistline. The bodice features a flattering scoop neckline with comfortable straps that turn into a multi-strap detail that highlights the stunning low back of this lace wedding dress.

By our real bride, Julia:

What was the vision for your wedding?

Winter wedding, black tie, simple but elegant details since the space was cool and industrial! Just wanted to feel the holiday vibes when everyone is jolly and excited that Christmas is four days away :)

How did it go the day-of? 

It went off without a hitch!! I was crazy planning the wedding and leading up to the big day, I even bought my dress a year plus in advance lol I was a stress case but the day of I was unusually calm and just excited the day was here :) I had planned every detail leading up that there wasnt anything I could do at this point! I had a day of coordinator that I ended up using (she was my sorority sister and does this as her side hustle) thank god I had her because she rocked it!! I love how relaxed everything was and not so uptight and serious, there was lots of cheering, laughs, and drinks. My sister gave the most epic MOH speech and got a standing ovation after her mix-up with a couple of Justin Bieber songs thrown in. Pretty sure shes a YouTube sensation now lol all the speeches were perfect! My dad cried like a baby the whole night which I havent ever seen but it warmed my heart. Not so traditional but I loved it that way! There was a lot of laughter in our vows and kept things light but also very heartfelt - I loved having a friend as a photographer she was able to catch every special moment and also kept the guests entertained throughout the night. We also didnt have a cake because neither Josh nor I honestly like cake lol so we had donuts! And our cake-cutting was a donut bite instead and it was perfect! There was no dessert left at the end of the night - success!

What is your #1 tip to future brides? 

ENJOY the planning process. It can be really stressful if youre wired like me and plan everything and am just normally an anxious person. Theres gonna be times where you go out of your budget and then your fiancé has to reel you back in. We always had these convos with a glass of wine in hand :) take a step back and stop planning for a couple of weeks if it starts to get too stressful and you feel yourself not enjoying it, I wish I did that more. And on the day of, so many people leading up to it said to take a few moments throughout the night with you and your fiancé to just be alone and take everything in, look around see all the guests that traveled there for YOU! We did it once because the night goes so fast but we wish we took more moments to ourselves.

Dress: Kelsey by LAmour

Veil: Mackenzie Veil by Sara Gabriel Designs

Earrings: Regina Earrings by Sara Gabriel Designs

Photographer: Marcella Laine

Lighting: Crimson Haze Lighting 

Catering: Green Apple Catering

Venue: Fremont Foundry

Day-of Coordinator: Morgan Scalzo

Videography: Wyat Livingston Video

MakeUp: Chelsie Grady at Makeup by Cece

Hair: Hair by Alise

Florals: Floral Design by Maria