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Ireland + Dallin

(August 10, 2019 in Coeur dAlene, ID)

In todays blog post, we hear from our real bride Ireland, who had a vision of a romantic wedding with white and blush flowers, greenery, wood accents, and candles. However, the day before the wedding, a huge thunderstorm was forecasted for the wedding day, which prompted a last-minute decision to move the wedding inside a beautiful barn/arena with great stonework and flowers. Although it was a different location than originally planned, the wedding went well, and the author felt that it was a normal wedding except for the last-minute move. One non-traditional element was the father-daughter dance, where the author wanted to honor her father and stepfather. Her dad walked her down the aisle, gave a great speech, and the author did a swing dance with her stepfather for the father-daughter dance. The author's #1 tip for future brides is not to overthink everything, have fun and enjoy every moment, spend money on what is the most important to you, and find ways to keep everything else in your budget.

Ireland looked like a dream in our Eloise gown by Essense of Australia. This is a stunning A-line gown with a gorgeous tulle skirt. The bodice has a narrow v-neckline with comfortable thick straps. A double waistband beautifully accentuates the natural waist. Botanical lace appliques cover the bodice and trickle down into the skirt and throughout the train.

By our real bride, Ireland:

What was the vision for your wedding?

My Pinterest board in the beginning was a lot of romantic feels for my wedding vision, candles, white table clothes, greenery, white/blush flowers and a lot of wood accents with hanging lights. That is almost exactly how it ended up except the day before our wedding the weather showed a huge thunderstorm coming in the next day on our wedding day at 5pm (time of our wedding) it was originally suppose to be outside of my aunt's beautiful home with the waterfall in the back but that was quickly taken by the weather. We were very lucky that my aunt and uncle have this beautiful barn/arena with amazing stone work and flowers on the outside and all the wood accents inside so we moved in there last minute (my poor mom and everyone else helping made all that happen last minute.. so thankful for them) I'm so glad we didn't risk keeping it outside because it was the craziest thunderstorm EVER. Pouring rain, wind and crazy thunder. But it made for some cool dancing photos of people dancing out in the rain and we didn't have to end our night early and ruin everything if we chose to keep it outside. I chose my vendors honestly by word of mouth and my parents are great friends with the owner of Satay Bistro so we had them cater our wedding from the food to the open bar and it was AMAZING.

How did it go the day-of? 

I think what made my wedding different was just the last minute crazy move inside but other than that I feel it was a pretty normal wedding if you will. One thing that wasn't traditional was the father-daughter dance. I have my dad and my amazing step father and wanted to honor them both without hurting any feelings and let me tell you... there was a lot of tears from me trying to please everyone and wanting to make the best decision I could so when I looked back on my wedding I wouldn't of regretted anything since they are both so special. I had my dad walk me down the aisle and he gave the best speech at my wedding that I will forever remember and hold so close to my heart. For my step dad I had him be the first person to see me and those photos capture our special bond. Then when it came time for the father-daughter dance I had the DJ thank him for being the father he didn't have to be (something I always say to him) and we did a little swing dance to watermelon crawl to start off the dancing then had everyone join in after about a minute or so.

What is your #1 tip to future brides? 

Oh gosh.... my best tip would be to not overthink everything. It ALL ends up working out in it's own special way that you look back on and smile. Have so much fun and enjoy every moment because it is true what everyone says that the whole day from start to finish just fly's by. Spend money on what is the most important to you like your photographer or the food or dessert etc. Whatever is the most important to you and your spouse is what you want to pay extra for. Everything else you can find really good sales and find short cuts that keep it in your budget but still look amazing.

Dress: Eloise from Essense of Australia

Venue: Stegmann Ranch

Makeup Artist: Courtney Hersey with Kalon Studio CDA

Spray tan: Katie Dodson with Kalon Studio CDA

Bridal Hairstylist: Lauryn Rogers from Salon 208

Bridesmaids Hairstylist: Katie Dodson from Kalon Studio CDA

DJ: Complete Wedding Spokane

Caterer: Satay Bistro of CDA

Cake: Stacie's Cakes of Post Falls

Photographer: Efflorescence Photography

Florist: Westwood Gardens Nursery and Garden Art of Rathdrum