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Erin + Bryon

(August 28, 2020 in Spokane, WA)

Todays blog post describes our real bride Erins vision for her wedding, which centered around the colors green and blue. She had a simple classic dress, and the groomsmen wore blue, while the bridesmaids picked their own dresses in any color as long as they were long and only two of them wore the same color. Despite the unexpected mishaps on the day of the wedding, such as forgetting the rings and marriage license, the wedding was a wonderful day spent with their closest friends and family members. The bride's #1 tip to future brides is to focus on the moment when you say "I do" and not get caught up in the details, delegate tasks, but don't give away the parts you most enjoy, and stay hydrated during the day.

Erin was breathtaking in our Taylor gown from our Honest in Ivory Private Collection. This is a gorgeous fit and flare gown made out of comfortable crepe material! It has a flattering sweetheart neckline, a belt that helps accentuate the waistline and romantic off-the-shoulder straps. This wedding dress is completed with buttons that go all the way down the back and an absolutely stunning train. This gown is beautifully classic and timeless.

By our real bride, Erin:

What was the vision for your wedding?  

In the beginning, I focused on the colors green and blue. Our favorite colors! I had no idea what I wanted but I knew there would be those two colors somewhere. I also knew I wanted a simple classic dress. I found it obviously at Honest In Ivory. It was the second dress I tried on (I think) and my sister was the one who picked it out. I was adamant that I did not want to attend bridal fairs or be a fussy bride but I am so thankful that my mom and sister forced me to go. We actually had a blast and I got to meet my florist there! We decided the groomsmen would wear blue and our flowers would have a lot of greenery. I let my bridesmaids pick their own dress and color with only a few stipulations: I wanted long dresses and they could have two of the same color. My bridesmaids are champs and did a great job of picking the perfect colors.

How did it go the day-of?  

Oh, what a day our wedding was. I guess as usual nothing went as planned.

What I will say was the most fun about having a COVID wedding was our bridal party! We spent pretty much the whole weekend together at our house and it was a blast. It definitely felt like a wedding but it also felt like a fun weekend spent with our closest friends and immediate family members.

The day of I woke up and went to one of the bridesmaids houses and the hair and makeup artists met us there. The groomsmen spent the day setting up tables in my in-laws backyard and playing cornhole. The makeup and hair took longer than I expected so my bridesmaids set up the backyard for our reception. I was actually really looking forward to this but they did so well and it turned out better than I could have ever envisioned. When my mom and I were finally ready we had to hurry to Beacon Hill because we were late! On the way the groom called...he forgot his vest and keys to the house. So we doubled back grabbed them and then finally we made it. When I got there I was ready to jump into my dress and get the show on the road... unfortunately, no one else was ready. I sat in a closet to wait for a first look with my bridesmaids for what felt like hours but I am sure it was only 10 minutes. Finally, they were ready and we ended up with an adorable first look! My wonderful friend Gabby baked our cake, helped up videotape our wedding, and was the DJ. She luckily saved the day and handled all of this like a champ! When I finally got down the aisle and saw Bryon waiting for me at the end it felt like time stood still!!!! I was so excited and I could see it in his eyes. It felt like no one else was there. My brother-in-law married us and it made it so special since he knows both of us so well. We only had our parents and grandparents in the audience and I am so grateful for Beacon Hill for letting us have our wedding day be just ours!

Halfway through the ceremony, I realized that I forgot the plan was to have the photographer take pictures of them before our wedding and with all the craziness of the day I forgot them in the closet I changed in! You will see the reactions in some of our photos. Anyhow my sister thought fast and took off her ring and let us borrow it along with her husbands ring. It is something we will always remember. As we walked back down the aisle towards the main house Bryon turned to me and said that he forgot the marriage license in his truck at our house! We both just couldnt help but die laughing. Afterward, we had pictures and a toast and then we went to his parents house to make it official and have dinner. My now husbands brother woke up at 4 am to smoke a brisket for everyone and his wife made mac and cheese. It was the best reception I have ever been to! And of course like every wedding we had to go take pictures right when everyone sat down to eat dinner. It was a wonderful day and I wouldnt have changed a single moment! Well, I would have liked to change the fact that this was during a global pandemic...

What is your #1 tip to future brides? 

First off...the day is one big blur. When you get to the aisle and see your love waiting for you let everything else fade away. Stop thinking about the flowers, music, and food, and focus on this moment where you say I do!

Second...It is okay to say That is so sweet, but no thank you. Everyone will offer their help, and suggestions, and want something from your day. Dont give it to anyone. Dont get me wrong, you should delegate anything you can but dont give away the part that you most enjoy! No one has any idea the amount of work that goes into planning a wedding until they have to plan their own...let alone plan during a global pandemic! If you want certain pictures, flowers, or invitations done a certain way do it! If you dont want people to hold up your dress while you pee say no thank you. Let people help you but dont let people take over your wedding day.

Third...between your ceremony and all the mayhem that will inevitably erupt drink a bottle of water. 

Dress: Taylor by Honest In Ivory Private Collection

Veil: Dana Veil from Dearly Consignment Bridal

Suits: Mens Wearhouse

Florals: Eagle Dahlia Farm

Makeup: Lash and Make

Hair: Craft Studio

Venue: Beacon Hill

Cake: Gabby Ryan

Jewelry: Grace and Humility

Photographer: Caleb and Britt Photography