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Emily + Kris

(August 03, 2019 in Kennewick, WA)

In this blog post, the bride and groom share their vision for their wedding and how it all came together on their special day. The couple wanted a simple ceremony that celebrated their love and meaningful vows, while the reception was all about their guests feeling valued and appreciated. Despite some pre-wedding jitters, the day was full of joy and love. The bride and groom also offer their #1 tip to future brides: relax and soak up every moment with loved ones, and remember that the most important thing is forming a lifelong union with your partner.

Emily looked stunning in our Harper gown on her big day. This sheath-fit dress is a crepe material for a sleek and fitted look that is still comfortable all night long. It has a plunging v-neckline with a high illusion to provide support and dainty shoestring straps. The back features a beautiful v-shape and seams that accentuate curves. This gown is sleek, simple, and so stunning.

By our real bride, Emily:

What was the vision for your wedding? 

As for the wedding, we wanted it simple. Kris and I really wanted the ceremony to celebrate our love and the reception to be fun and enjoyable. It was really important to us to write our own vows because 96% of our guests traveled from out of town to attend the wedding. Therefore, we wanted our vows to be memorable and meaningful. In other words, our ceremony was all about us, but our reception was all about our guests. We wanted our guests to feel valued and appreciated.

How did it go the day-of?

It was easily the most joyful day of our lives, and we felt so lucky to be marrying each other in the company of our closest family and friends. As for me (the bride), the day wasnt a blur until it got to the reception. I remember VERY clearly getting my makeup done in the bridal suite, then panicking because my hair stylist's car died (she made it in plenty of time). My maid of honor could see that I was getting nervous when we were in the bridal suite before the ceremony. I could hear the guests making their way to their seats in the garden. Plus, I was hungry, which doesn't help anybody. I wasnt nervous to get married--Kris was written in my heart two weeks after meeting him--as sappy as that sounds. But a wedding requires the bride and groom to be the center of attention, and I don't LOVE attention. Despite how nervous I was to speak my very personal vows in front of our guests, all the nerves dissipated as soon as I got down the aisle to Kris. Kris really is the most calming presence in my life, and for that, I am forever grateful because he gave me the perfect wedding.

As for the groom, the day was wonderful: I had breakfast with my family at the hotel. I then met my groomsmen and hung out with them until we had to get ready for the wedding. The ceremony was beautiful. Writing our own vows made the ceremony meaningful and added a personal touch that the guests really appreciated.

What is your #1 tip to future brides?

I know it sounds impossible with all the last-minute planning, and even a bit redundant with all the unsolicited wedding advice, but I recommend relaxing as much as possible. Planning a wedding places a lot of pressure on the bride and groom (or groom/groom or bride/bride or nongender identity), and I think its important to keep things in perspective. That being said, soak up every second with your family and friends, both in the weeks leading up to your wedding and the day of the wedding, remember that your guests are there to celebrate the promises the parties are making to one another. At the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is that you are forming a marital union--something bigger than the sum of the individual parts. The energy of the bride and groom is contagious, so make sure to have fun!

Dress: Harper by Theia Couture

Photographer: Rachel Jocelyn Photography

Venue: Bella Fiori Garden

Hair: Galina Ursul

Makeup: Lighthouse Studios

Cake: Frost Me Sweet

Flower: Simplified Celebrations

Food: Fiesta Mexican Restaurant