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Hailey + Jakob


(July 15, 2023 in Kamloops, British Columbia)


A couple’s wedding day is a momentous occasion filled with dreams, emotions, and a vision of the future together. For many couples, it's an opportunity to bring their unique love story to life, surrounded by family and friends. When it came to our real bride Hailey’s wedding, this couple had a vision that was a bit unconventional but perfectly encapsulated their love story. The vision was a harmonious blend of fall's rustic colors set against the backdrop of a summer celebration, designed to be whimsical, glossy, and timeless. They chose to embrace the "less is more" philosophy, focusing on key elements that resonated with their dream wedding. But there was more to their approach than just aesthetics. They carefully curated a wedding team, selecting vendors who not only possessed exceptional talent but also aligned with their vision and shared our enthusiasm for our special day. Read on for more wedding inspiration from our real bride!

By our real bride, Hailey:


What was the vision for your wedding?


Our vision was a mix of fall/ rustic colours in summer. We wanted whimsical, glossy, and timeless. We went with a "less is more" approach and really focused on key pieces to create our dream wedding. We chose our vendors by picking people that were not only talented and fit our aesthetic, but that we clicked with and felt excited to have as part of our day.


How did it go the day-of?


Our day went off without a hitch. We spent a whole year basically hearing of all the bad things that happened at other people’s weddings and being told of all the things to be careful of, but we ended up getting so lucky. Our day went as smoothly as it could and it was seriously the best day ever. We had a mix of traditional and non-traditional things, but overall, it was just being with the people that we love and celebrating our love that made the day so wonderful.


What is your #1 tip to future brides?


My biggest tip is to just relax and be easygoing. Yes, it is the day we have been dreaming about since we were little girls, and yes you should get everything you want because it is your special day, but there are so many things that you think matter that don't in the grand scheme of things. You will be so caught up in the hustle and bustle of your day that you won't even notice things going wrong or not being perfect. Just relax and enjoy your wedding and I promise it will be beautiful.


Dress: Ellery By Willowby

Photographer: Kaeli - Kamloops Bc Photographer

Makeup: Cassidy Watt Artistry Collective

Hair: Melissa King Artistry

Dj: Nick Carter

Cake: Chey Can Bake

Florist: Fern & Frond

Venue and Food: Thompson Rivers University