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Erika + Anthony


(July 9, 2022 in Kooskia, ID)


Welcome to the breathtaking world of Erika and Anthony's elegant greenery wedding in Kooskia, ID where love and nature combined to create a truly magical day. This blog post captures every moment of the couple's special day, from the stunning venue to the charming details that made their wedding one-of-a-kind. With an abundance of greenery throughout, the wedding had a natural and ethereal feel that perfectly complemented the couple's love for one another. The photos featured in the post showcase the joy and happiness that surrounded the couple, making it impossible not to feel moved by their love story.

Beyond the visual beauty of the wedding, the post also includes helpful details that can be of great use to anyone planning their own wedding. The vendors who contributed to the wedding are listed, including the talented photographers who captured the day so perfectly.


For anyone planning a wedding, this blog post is an excellent resource for inspiration and ideas. From the breathtaking venue to the gorgeous greenery and charming details, Erika and Anthony's wedding is a testament to the power of love and the beauty of nature. So, take a moment to step into their world and be swept away by the magic of their special day.


By our real bride, Erika:


What was the vision for your wedding?


I was going for more of a Boho outdoor-themed wedding with lots of pampas grass!! I had an idea of what I wanted but it turned out absolutely 100% better than I ever could have imagined. My family and friends were our vendors. They did an amazing job on our decorations/food/ and the band.


How did it go the day-of?


It was the best day of my life! Everyone came together and helped put up all of the decorations, my grandma was the one who made the decorations and she nailed it! They were beautiful! The food was spectacular. We did a potluck dinner and both my husband’s family and my own were in charge of a dish, and it worked out so perfectly! My mother-in-law made the cake and even though it melted and didn’t last the drive, it still turned out so beautiful. It was soooo hot that day by the way haha. We had more of a nontraditional style wedding but kept it simple and to the point. The pavilion we rented out was so beautiful that we didn’t need to decorate it up much. One of the coolest things I will always remember was my stepdad plays guitar and he put together a band, it meant so much to me to have him play at my wedding. The overall weekend was a blast and I’m so thankful my photographer was there to photograph it all because I want to remember it for years to come!


What is your #1 tip to future brides?


Don’t stress, everything will turn out the way it should and at the end of the day, it’s about marrying your best friend and cherishing the moments you have with that person!