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April + Alden

August 19, 2023 in Willamette Valley, OR

Welcome back to the Ivory Bride Blog, where we share stories from our real brides about their real weddings! In today's post, get ready to be inspired by this couple's vision for the wedding, centered around the natural palette of the environment with earthy colors like olive green and chocolate brown. The outdoor ceremony was enhanced by the floral designer using bright orange marigolds to bring the dry summerscape to life. On the day-of, the couple invited 200 friends and family to witness their marriage, and the day felt like a collaborative effort among loved ones. Various family members and friends contributed to different aspects of the wedding, from building the ceremony altar and stage to altering the wedding dress and baking the cake. The at-home wedding was described as a joyous and delightful day, with the couple enjoying the presence of shared friends from middle school. The wedding concluded with special moments like using a beloved GTO as a getaway car, dancing to ABBA, and receiving lots of hugs. The honeymoon included wine tasting in Dundee, Oregon, and camping around the Olympic Peninsula. The #1 tip for future brides is to know their boundaries when it comes to planning and to consider seeking support from a wedding planner or day-of coordinator if feeling overwhelmed. The advice emphasizes the importance of asking for help, leaning on supportive relationships, and being open to sharing tasks with others for a smoother wedding planning experience.


By our real bride, April:


What was the vision for your wedding?

Our wedding was designed around the palette of the surrounding environment. Earthy colors like olive green and chocolate brown were the foundation of our outdoor ceremony. Our floral designer brought the dry summerscape to life with bright orange marigolds in vases and floral installations.


How did it go the day-of?

Alden and I invited 200 of our friends and family to witness our marriage. Our day felt like a collaborative effort between so many of our loved ones. My grandpa built our ceremony altar, and Alden and my dad (father of the bride) built the stage where the ceremony and reception dancing were held. My mom (mother of the bride) added sleeves to my wedding dress and altered my veil. One of our closest friends baked our cake and covered it in flowers she had been collecting and pressing for weeks. It took a village to make our busy, at-home wedding a day of joy and delight. Alden and I had known each other since middle school and had the best time reminiscing with a lifetime of shared friends. Our getaway car, a beloved GTO that’s been in Alden’s family forever, was really special to take photos with and zoom away in. We enjoyed the last moments of our wedding dancing to ABBA with loved ones and getting lots of hugs. We spent our honeymoon wine tasting in Dundee Oregon and camping around the Olympic Peninsula.


What is your #1 tip to future brides?

My suggestion is to know your boundaries when it comes to planning. If you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to make everything go according to plan, it could be worth it to find a supportive wedding planner/ day-of coordinator. Asking for help was always the solution in my case, even when I wanted to be stubborn about curating everything about the wedding myself. Lean into relationships where you feel safe handing off tasks and always look for opportunities to confide in those around you.