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Ally + Colton

August 26, 2023 in Okanogan, WA

Welcome back to the Ivory Bride Blog! Today's blog post is all about our bride's wedding with a vision focused on simplicity, cleanliness, and natural colors. The couple had the support of friends and family who assisted with decorations and flowers. They chose a venue that provided decorations, allowing them to focus on essentials like flowers, food, and alcohol. On the day of the wedding, there were a few minor issues, but overall, it was a beautiful day made special by the presence of loved ones. The highlight was the lively dancing and the delicious BBQ spread prepared by the bride's uncle. They also had specialty cocktails served by venue bartenders. The bride recommends thoroughly researching vendors and suggests meeting them in person or setting up calls before booking. Although they had some issues with the DJ, everything ultimately worked out. She advises future brides to prioritize finding reliable vendors to avoid potential hiccups on their wedding day.


What was the vision for your wedding?

Very neutral with a ton of natural color thrown in. I’ve always known I wanted simple and clean and it ended up beautifully. We have a great group of friends and family who helped with flowers and decorations. The venue is amazing because all the decorations are included, so we showed up with flowers, food, and alcohol.


How did it go the day-of?

Great! We had a couple of hiccups but that is to be expected. The wedding day was beautiful but our friends and family were what made the day great. There was SO MUCH dancing. My uncle does AMAZING BBQ so we had a whole spread of BBQ meats and the venue came with bartenders that made our specialty cocktails. We hired our photographer from Wenatchee and I can’t recommend her enough. I am not a big photo gal, so my one request is I wanted a lot of photos of us just enjoying the day, not hours of posed photos. The photos turned out great and she is the sweetest human ever.


What is your #1 tip to future brides?

Research your vendors and I would honestly set up calls or meet in person before you book them. Our DJ did not work out great, wrong song down the aisle, didn’t download our playlist, it all worked out in the end but it was just one extra thing we had to fix in the middle of our day.