9 Wedding Trends We Have Totally Fallen For

9 Wedding Trends We Have Totally Fallen For

Apr 16, 2021

By Brooke Bailey, Marketing Assistant and Stylist


During the past year, weddings have drastically been evolving. Couples are starting to incorporate more details that are unique to them and their wedding. Whether you decide to add some unique elements to your wedding or not, here are some of the trends that weve seen and are absolutely loving.


We are loving these trends we have seen, and we are also 100000% on board with our brides creating their own dang trends. You do you, babe!! We sure do think youre trendy as all heck.


1) Micro weddings and minimonies


More and more we are seeing people doing micro weddings, and to be honest, were here for it. Micro weddings typically include less than 50 people, and focuses more on the little details. We love that weddings are going back to being more centered around the couple. Whether its in the forest, at a typical venue, in the mountains, were here for it and fully support it.


2) Clean and simple wedding gowns


Clean and simple wedding gowns have been HUGE in our shop recently, and we are loving it! They are all just so elegant and timeless, and can look absolutely unreal no matter what your venue is. They will never go out of style, and youll never regret having a clean and simple wedding gown. Just think30 years down the road youll back on your wedding dress and think, heck yes.


3) 3D details


We are seeing more and more dresses come into our store that have 3D appliques flowers, lace, fringe, pearls, and we are HERE FOR IT! These teeny tiny perfect details add movement and dimension to your gown (aka, youll get some freakin beautiful wedding photos). Click here to book an appointment with us to try on some of these stunners!





4) Wedding gowns that are not just ivory


One of the trends we have seen take over the wedding industry are wedding dresses that are not just ivory. Nude tones, pale pinks, champagnes, and even purples are really popular right now, and each color flatters different skin tones while still looking 10000% bridal. Honestly, the sky is the limit when choosing the color of your wedding dress. I mean, who DOESNT love a blue star covered gown?! (yep, thats a real dress in our store).


5) Allll the boho vibes


HEY HEY BOHO BABES! We see you! There are SO many different ways to incorporate boho inspiration into your wedding. Bring on the earth tones, dramatic florals and grasses, and hats and headpieces (oh and SLEEVES). Utilizing an outdoor venue makes a huge statement and gives an organic feel. We definitely think the boho trend is here to stay.


6) Earthy Tones as Wedding Colors


Speaking of boho vibes many couples are gravitating more towards natural earthy tones to include in their weddings. Especially because these colors can fit into any wedding no matter the season, venue, or vibe of your wedding. They feel natural, relaxed, and oh-so-fresh.





7) Anything-but-ordinary bouquets


Weve been seeing anything from succulents to bouquet hoops lately. Having a distinctive bouquet is a great way to add a memorable feature to your wedding. Even adding a more distinctive flower in your bouquet can make your bouquet more distinctive.


8) Square necklines


For a while now, plunging necklines have been the go to for brides, you know, the classic sweetheart necklinebut designers are starting to showcase more and more square necklines. They are sleek, modern, and sexy, while looking good on pretty much any and every size of ta-tas. Yep, we are on board. The picture to the right is our owner, Cassie at her very own wedding (she is pretty much the QUEEN of the square necklinecheck out her blog here)


9) Uncommon venues


Couples nowadays are really wanting their wedding to be unique, one of the ways that they do that is by having a really uncommon venue.

Head on over to our blog about some of our favorite uncommon venues, click here.





So, there ya have it. Wedding trends are constantly changing, but we know that youll always look back on your wedding with fond memories, no matter what the trends are. Remember, we think youre trendy with whatever you decide <3



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