11 Vows to Make to YOU in 2021

11 Vows to Make to YOU in 2021

Jan 01, 2021

By Claire Green, Stylist and Marketing Assistant


So, heres the thing, brides. After a year like 2020, we pretty much arent even sure what goals to set for 2021. These past twelve months, life was turned upside down and the universe told us no like every two seconds. So if youre anything like us, the goals we set for 2020 pretty much got thrown out the window. Actually, they got tossed out, chewed up, spit out, stomped on, and then put through a garbage disposal. So for 2021, we decided to go a different route (2020 taught us to be flexible and adaptable, see?). Since we are in the business of weddings, we decided after this crazy year, 2021 is the perfect time to say some vows to yourself that will set you up for a great year.


You totally deserve it.


Vow #1: I vow to be kind to my body


Your body and your mind have been through a lot this year. As a future bride, you might start to feel some sort of pressure to look a certain way. Be a certain size. But guess what? No one, and we mean NO ONE will know, or care the number that is on the tag of that wedding dress. From size 00-32, you will look like a million bucks. Dont feel like you have to change your body for your wedding. Want to make healthier changes? Wonderful! We are all about that tooas long as your making any changes just for YOU.


*Alexa, play Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars* Cause girl, youre amazing.


Vow #2: I vow to speak to myself as I would speak to someone I love


This one is SO important, and SO hardand trust us, we are working on it too. When you look in the mirror, vow from this moment on to tell yourself how beautiful, strong, and resilient you are. Even if you dont believe it right now, speak it into existence, and we promise, youll gradually start to. Dont forget to compliment those bangin curves and luscious locks too. After a year like weve just had, you 10000% deserve to be kind to yourself. (See how we feel about body love here for a little inspiration)




Spokane bride wedding dress I do to you vows to yourself 2021 goals



Vow #3: I vow to be aware of my jealousy

We know, we know, you've heard it all over Pinterest: Comparison is the thief of joy. But no matter how cliche, it rings especially true in the world of weddings. Her wedding was perfect and she had a better *insert word* than I did'. STOP RIGHT THERE! It's okay to feel this, but this year, let's all vow to put an end to it. Your wedding should be the most joyful day, and playing the comparison game can take that away from you way too easily. NOT TODAY! Acknowledging the jealousy, then nipping it in the bud and focusing on all the beautiful aspects of your wedding is key. Remember: what you see on social media is a highlight reel, not always reality.


Vow #4: I vow to be at peace with my budget


Turns out, $$$ does not = a perfect wedding. If you want to have a heftier budget, YOU GO, GIRL! If you're wanting to keep it on the lower side to save some moolah, YOU GO, GIRL! Do what feels good, and your budget will not dictate the amount of fun you have at your wedding, or how special it will be. We can work with you no matter what.


Vow #5: I vow to trust my gut


Because you know yourself best. The cool thing is, this can apply not only to all things wedding, but EVERYTHING ELSE, TOO. Your gut is telling you heck yes or absolutely not for a reason, and even though you might have 200 different people talking at you and giving opinions on what you should do, at the end of the day, trust your feelings. Theyve led you this far<3


Vow #6: I vow to accept my strengths AND my flaws.


You might be tempted to skip this one and go to vow #7, cause this one is sometimes just. not. pretty. Its a work in process for many of us, wouldnt you say? Its not glamorous or refined, accepting your flaws. But it sure as heck is praiseworthy. The cool thing is, accepting your flaws comes after accepting your strengths. We know firsthand, our brides have SO many incredible strengths, and 2020 has only revealed those to us. You've got this, girl.


Vow #7: I vow to never take anything for granted


If 2020 taught us anything, its this. We promise we will never take a hug for granted EVER AGAIN. Or a concert, or dining in at a restaurant, or about a million other things that were just a part of every day life. So keep that right hand raised, and lets vow to not take for granted our friends, our family, and those sweet simple moments that can seem so mundane, but are wildly beautiful. Deal? Deal.


Spokane bride wedding dress I do to you vows to yourself 2021 goals




Vow #8: I vow to pursue my passions


We are crossing our fingers, toes, and everything in between that 2021 will give us better luck than 2020 did. Currently manifesting that 2021 will give us the opportunity to pursue our greatest passions! OR, you could take this opportunity to learn something new.


Vow #9: I vow to live in the moment


Lifes just too darn short to worry about the future, (or overly stress about a wedding). Lets put down the phones, stop worrying about the future to the best of our abilities, and soak up the people we are with and the places we are in. In 2021, we are vowing to be present and be grateful. You just never know when a global pandemic might hit


Vow #10: I vow to get out of relationships that do not serve me and dig into relationships that need even more love


PREACH! 2020 has taught us that relationships are basically everything, right?? And just like everything else good and healthy in our lives, they need some love and attention. Toxic relationships? BUH-BYE!! Relationships that need some good old TLC?? WE ARE ON IT. Its okay if you dont do this perfectly right away-nothing is. But we are so excited to continue pouring into relationships that fulfill us and being okay with leaving the ones that are doing the opposite. Were all in this together.


Vow #11: I vow to focus on LOVE


Its pretty much the only thing that got us through 2020, and you know what? We are 100% okay with that. So much so, in fact, that we are going to vow to focus on love all the way through this coming year, too. We can bet it will make it that much sweeter when you are focused on YOUR honey, and your crazy, beautiful, and unique love story.






2020, we cant say we are sad to see you go. 2021, bring. it. on. (but you know, gently, please, considering the year we just had). Lets make this year a great one, yeah? We couldnt do it without you, babes. Heres to vowing to be yourself and love yourself. Cheers!



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