BONUS BLOG: 10 Uncommon Wedding Venues for the Uncommon Bride

BONUS BLOG: 10 Uncommon Wedding Venues for the Uncommon Bride

May 28, 2020

by Claire Green, Marketing Assistant


Weddings and wedding planning have been looking a little different lately, dont ya think?! Whether your plans have been changed or youre just trying to plan the dang thing during this crazy time, here are 10 venues that we are guessing havent been at the very forefront of your mind. Why NOT make your wedding the most unique out there while everything else in the world is basically turned upside down?


These sure as heck are not your average wedding venues, so you might need to stretch your mind a little to see them in a wedding context, but once you do, we promise, these might just be the dreamiest venues to marry the love of your life<3


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1) Library


Even if youre not an I read for pleasure type of gal, a library is still one of the most romantic places you could get married. Youre surrounded by other worlds and beautiful words, and its an enchanting venue whether you even crack open a book or not. Pair it with a vintage-boho dress and boy oh boycan we get married RIGHT NOW?


2) Museum


Pick any category art, history, aerospace, nature any one of these would make such an awesome place to hold a wedding. Want a modern vibe? Go for a downtown art museum. Want a vintage, classic wedding? A history museum would definitely set the scene. Seriously SO unique.




3) Aquarium


Okay, there are plenty of reasons NOT to get married in an aquarium, we knowbut if you have seen the movie The Last Song, you would know that an aquarium might just be one of the most romantic places ever. An under the sea wedding makes allllll of our Little Mermaid dreams come true.


4) Ferry Terminal


Getting married at a ferry terminal is basically the epitome of a PNW wedding right next to the ocean! Rain or shine, it is one of the most spectacular places to say I do.


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5) Airplane Hangar


Confession, we got this idea from our shop owner, Cassie, who had her wedding this last year at an airplane hangar that had us with our jaws on the FLOOR! (We blogged the whole beautiful thing here) Its just so dang classy! Youll see what we mean when you check out the blog.




6) Mountaintop (or a waterfall)


Get a crew thats up for the challenge, (or just your fiancé) and hike to your wedding (or elopement)! Just dont forget the rings and the champagne ;) Who doesnt want to get married on top of the world? Plus, its FREE!


7) Empty Warehouse (à la New Girl)


Industrial romance. Need we say more? Were just trying to have a wedding like Schmidt and Cece, okay? (Well, we might be a little bit biased since our own store used to be an old empty solar panel warehousecan you blame us?)




8) Public Park


Aka, the Im so in love with you, lets just do the dang thing!. This is the happy medium between getting married in your backyard and planning an elaborate outdoor wedding. The term public might turn you off a bit, but there are some parks that are hidden gems (Spokanes Manito Park, anyone?) Have your guests bring a picnic lunch and a frisbee and youre all set!


9) An abandoned or knocked down building (à la Friends)


Okay, hear us out. We know were running the TV show inspo here, but when Ross and Emilys venue was destroyed, we SWOONED over the romance of the abandoned building, droopy candles and all! Theres just something about a fixer upper and taking something neglected and abandoned and redeeming it to create something unique and beautiful! (Just make sure you arent trespassing.)




10) Greenhouse


This ones for all the green thumbs and plant mommas out there. And for those who arent ;) Greenhouses make for a whimsical wedding complete with a jungle-like atmosphere and STUNNING photos.


In this crazy, unique time we are experiencing, this might just be the perfect opportunity to make your wedding even more one-of-a-kind than you could have EVER imagined pre-quarantine.


-xoxo, Honest in Ivory