BONUS BLOG: Our Second In-Store Galentine's Fashion Show!!

BONUS BLOG: Our Second In-Store Galentine's Fashion Show!!

Feb 20, 2020

(February 13th, 2020 at Honest in Ivory)

By Claire Green, Assistant Marketing Manager


The vision: There is no doubt we love Valentines Daya whole day dedicated to love?!? Of COURSE its one of our favorites. BUT, we just have to celebrate the gals and we thought a Galentines Day Fashion Show would be the perfect way to do it. We are talking champagne, balloons, your girls, your mom, your grandma, and endless appetizers and the cutest desserts. Imagine a place where a bunch of women can celebrate each other, love, and beautiful bridal gownsthats what we hoped for. It was very important to us that we had models that represent our brides! This means diversity in ethnicity, hair color, body type, and height. Our models ranged from 4 to plus size, and they were are STUNNING.


The challenges: The days leading up to the fashion show are seriously crazy its always all hands on deck. Our owner, Cassie, coordinates every little detail of the night, from having the store essentially gutted in order for an entire runway to be set up, to recruiting models, to collaborating with all of the vendors. Shes incredible. Did I mention she even MCd the whole show? We closed the store all day Thursday to prepare, had multiple Costco runs to get enough bottles of champagne, and made two massive balloon arches (let me tell you, thats a lot of balloons to blow up). Its easy to get caught up in the details before the actual show, but as soon as our ladies walk in the doors, the stress melts away, and its all worth it.


How did it turn out?: There are no words. This year ran so smoothly with the help of our nine staff members, and all of the amazing vendors and behind the scenes work that was happening leading up to, during, and after the show. What you didnt see were our stylists in bare feet tirelessly working in the back room dressing, zipping, and clipping all 10 models into each dress, and helping them not to trip, to get them water, and telling them how GORGEOUS they looked, Cassie hand-picked every single dress that she thought YOU would fall in love with, and coordinated such a beautiful event in which we hoped to represent our beautiful brides in the best way possible. We had 7 categories: country chic, simple, bridesmaids, honeymoon and bridesmaids looks from Swank Boutique, boho, and glam. Our models were incredible, had the best attitudes, and looked drop. dead. dreamy doing it. The food was incredible, champagne was flowing all night long, and we had the most confident, kind, and beautiful group of women walk through our doors that night. Can it get any better?! I dont think so..


The best part? At the end of the night, our stylists spent hours cleaning up so we could open the store the next morning for our brides appointments! It looked like nothing ever happened


Galentines round 3 next year?



10 reasons why our fashion shows are the best ever:


1) We get to show off our very favorite gowns in the store


2) Our models are local Spokane beauties who have become our friends. Some of the models even work in our store and some of them are our very own brides!


3) We get to highlight some of the coolest vendors who are all local and some of the coolest people we know.


4) Free champagne! Cassie, our owner, had her husband and his friends bartend for the event! CUTE!


5) Our shop is FILLED with over 80 of YOU! Seriously so fun to have a bunch of women who love love come celebrate Galentines Day with us.


6) VIP Ticket Holders got a bride bag with some rad goodies.we are a little jealous there werent extras for us


7) We had live music before and after the show, a local duo Mountains in the Sea, and you better believe it was incredible.


8) Did we mention the food?!?! Beacon Hills Catering was unreal.


9) You get to take (free) photos in the CUTEST photobooth with all your girls.


10) You might just get a glimpse of your future wedding dress..


Okay, 11) ITS JUST SO FUN, we love love love meeting and spending time with all you lovely Spokane ladies and our future brides.





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