BONUS BLOG: How to Plan a Wedding From Your Couch

BONUS BLOG: How to Plan a Wedding From Your Couch

Apr 23, 2020

by Claire Green, Assistant Marketing Manager


To be honest, this is a pretty surreal thing to be writing right now. This all feels like a crazy Black Mirror Episode, doesnt it??? We miss our bustling store and our gorgeous dresses, but most of all, we miss YOU, our brides. Our hearts go out to any of you who had to postpone your weddings or change plans completely, and just know, weve got your backs. We also have been thinking about all our brides who are having to PLAN a wedding right now, and somehow iron out all the details without even leaving your house?!


As Im here writing this from my couch (aka my new my office), Ive come up with a few ways that you can keep planning your wedding from yours.


Here are 8 things you can do from your very own home office to plan your wedding too.


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Its the PERFECT time to all your vendors, such as photographers, venues, caterers, DJs, and yep, DRESSES. Go in depth! Grab a blanket and some coffee, get comfy, and check out vendors rates, reviews, social media, and websites. Set up calls to get to know them, and make sure they fit in with the feel of your wedding. Now is the time to get away from Pinterest inspo, and start looking into actual vendors near you that can deliver your vision.


PRO TIP: Did you know we link every vendor that our brides use on every blog post? Go through our blogs, pick the weddings youre obsessed with, and at the bottom we have linked all of the vendors for that wedding. SO easy right?!?


Looking for a place to shop for your wedding dress? Oh, how convenient! You can set up an appointment with us months in advance here!


2. TALK $$


Life is going to be so different after the world opens up again. Has this shifted your budget? After you and your fiancé and/or family even talked about $$ before? When youre having to plan a wedding during your normal, busy life, its SO easy to lose sight of your budget. If this is something you are conscious of, now is the time to really dive in to where you are investing. Can you get pizza or a taco bar to save on catering? Are you wanting to invest in florals? Can one of your friends bake the cake?


PRO TIP: We love this free wedding planning budget tool on Wedding Wire.


All the little things add up so quickly, so during this time, slow down, and really look at the costs that are involved and which ones can be cut.


One way you can do this is to..


3. DIY (DUH)


Hand writing the envelopes you were planning on ordering off of a website? Yep. Handmade centerpieces? Of course. Thoughtful bridesmaids gifts? Heck yeah. Log back into Pinterest and look into what things you could actually make yourself. Go big and try and make yourself a DIY archway for the ceremony like this one! There are plenty of ways you can get your Martha Stewart on and save yourself some $$ while youre at it! And maybe youve finally got the time


Spokane bride wedding dress model velvet couch honest in ivory veil




Ohhhh the joys of creating a seating chart. If youre choosing to have one at your ceremony or reception, we totally get how hard it can be to figure out. Will Aunt Jane get along with cousin Craig? Is it socially acceptable to put your friends who are exes at the same table? It takes some serious deliberation and personality analysis. YOU. CAN. DO. IT. Its the small tedious details that are sometimes the very hardest, and we encourage you to get er done. (Youre in luck, you can do it from your couch).




If youre writing your own vows, you FINALLY HAVE THE TIME! If youre stuck in quarantine with your S/O, this might be the perfect way to remind you of the romance ;) If youre not together, this can help pass the time. Either way, taking a moment to reflect on the reasons why you love them is a great reminder of the whole reason for your big day. YOU GET TO MARRY THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE!!!! Here is a website about vows we love where plagiarism is encouraged.




Instead of waiting 2 months before the wedding to buy all those last minute things, like decor, guestbook, table numbers, shoes, accessories consider buying them now. We know in these uncertain financial times you might be clinging to your dollars for dear life, but if you can, consider spreading out the spending out the next couple months instead. What are things you know you are eventually going to buy anyways? There are also some crazy online shop deals right now, so check in on those things youve got your eye on from a coupon code or two.




Scour the internet to find the place(s) you want to register for your gifts. Instead of hurriedly clicking random things you think you might need in order to just get it done, now you can take a breath and choose the items that youll actually put into use, or things that will help you remember your wedding forever. Lessen the chance of opening a gift, taking one look at it, and putting it in the back of a cabinet for the next 10 years. Make use of this unique opportunity to think through every item you choose, so youll be reminded of your wedding every time you use it. Think about who your guests are. Register for gifts in a wide range of prices. Its okay to put some more expensive items on your list. just make sure you balance them out with more affordable options.




This one is my personal favorite but you might have to leave your couch for this one. Light some candles, turn on your favorite song as a couple, and dance around the living room (or kitchen, you decide). Its something you can practice for the next however long you can never get too good at dancing and its pretty much a life skill, dont you think? It might even help you find your first dance song!


Impress your guests by adding some fancy moves to your slow dance! Twirl, dip, kiss, anyone? We love nothing more than making the most of staying-at-home with a little romance. Make sure to kiss a bunch too! xoxo



Even though we wish our brides could be sitting on our own soft velvet couches, the next best thing is to help you plan from yours (maybe with a glass of wine?).


We miss you, and are anxiously awaiting the day we can open our doors and see you all in person! Happy wedding planning!



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