6 Reasons to Save That Winter Wedding Date!

6 Reasons to Save That Winter Wedding Date!

Dec 24, 2020

By Claire Green, Stylist & Marketing Assistant


Convinced you want a summer wedding?? We all know that summer is a fantastic time to get married, with almost guaranteed good weather and dreamy sunsets. But chilly winter weddings with sparkling snow and warm drinks is one heck of an excuse to get all cozied up with your soon-to-be spouse. You can live out all your greatest Hallmark Christmas Movie dreams and make the most wonderful time of the year even MORE wonderful (if thats even possible). By the time youre done reading our 6 reasons why you should consider a winter wedding, we can bet youll be saving that (winter) date!!


Reason #1: Winter wonderland photos


Okay, have you SEEN these photos?!? What is dreamier than sparkling snow and everything merry and bright! Sure, you might be a tad bit cold, but its better than worrying about sweating during your photo sessions during the summer (hey, we all know it happens, right?)




Reason #2: SLEEVES


So many brides dream of a Meghan Markle inspired wedding dress but decide to go with something a little cooler for their summer weddings, worrying it might get just a little too hot. SO VALID. But all you sleeve sisters, this time of year was pretty much made for you. Go all out with a stunning gown with those sleeves that we know you just can't resist. (Book your appointment with us here to try some of ours on)



Reason #3: Deck the (wedding) halls with boughs of holly


Winter wedding decor? Easy. One word: Mistletoe. Okay, its more than just one word. We are thinking evergreen everything, and lights just all over the place. Here below is some festive wedding inspiration from a shoot we did last winter and we are truly obsessed. Greens, golds, whites, and wooden accents are just some of the ways to combine winter with wedding. And if youre a glitter gal.




Spokane bride winter wedding inspiration


Reason #4: GLITTER


If youre a bride that loves all things glitter.. This. Is. Your. Moment. To. Shine. (literally). If youre not, you can skip to the next one:-) The holidays give a free pass to a ridiculous amount of glitter. Have a sparkly dress (we have 19283029 of these in our store), or just cover absolutely all of your bridesmaids, decorations, (and guests?) in glitter. Hey, nobodys judging!






Reason #5: Make the days merry and bright


Winter in general can be a pretty dreary-especially in some parts of the country, (ahem, looking at you, PNW,) so what better way to brighten up the season with a wedding-basically the most happy, exciting thing ever, right?! If you are someone who doesnt celebrate holidays during the winter, your wedding is the perfect excuse to pop some champagne during those chilly months!



Reason #6: Baby, its cold outside


So lets cuddle, kay? This is the one where you roll your eyes, but it couldn't be more true. All I Want For Christmas Is You rings true in this situation I mean, theres a reason there are a million and one holiday romance movies The cold weather outside is the *perfect* excuse to grab some warm drinks, cozy up, and stay awhile (how about, like, forever?).


Spokane bride winter wedding inspiration



We have about 10 more reasons that we could write to try and convince you that winter weddings are in fact unforgettable, but we want you to get back to your friends and families. We know the holidays are looking a little different this year. (okay, A LOT different), but nevertheless, Happy Everything, brides. We sure do love you and think you are pretty much the best gift we could ever receive.


Warm Wishes,


Honest in Ivory