Delta Hayley Paige Gown Styled Shoot

Delta Hayley Paige Gown Styled Shoot

Sep 06, 2018

(May 29, 2018 in Spokane, WA)


This is a gorgeous A-line wedding dress from Blush by Hayley Paige. The bodice has a flattering narrow plunging neckline with dainty straps. The back of the gown has a beautiful t-strap detail. This entire gorgeous gown is beaded in a bold pattern with a stunning boho feel to it.


The Shoot


This shoot happened incredibly spontaneously. I was on a walk with my husband, and I saw this amazing little grove of black locust trees in full, fragrant bloom. I was headed out of town in a couple days and knew that the blooms would be gone by the time I came back, but I had to capture this last little bit of spring with all of its freshness and beauty before it passed. I just needed a girl and a pretty dress. I had heard about this new bridal shop opening.


 I asked Cassie if she would collaborate with me if we could make a dress, a girl, and a makeup artist happen in a hilariously short amount of time and she said yes! At that time she was just starting to get new gowns in her brand new space. It was way too late for a shoot and it went way too quickly for how much fun we were having, but we got enough out of that brief window to know that magic was definitely in the air, and a new season was definitely upon us. So glad she said yes that night!


Dress: Blush by Hayley Paige
Hair & Makeup: Courtney Pettitt
Model: Kaley Nordby