BONUS BLOG: 10 Wedding Myths We've Totally Debunked

BONUS BLOG: 10 Wedding Myths We've Totally Debunked

Jul 09, 2020

by Claire Green, Marketing Assistant


So, youre planning your wedding


First of all, CONGRATULATIONS, GIRL! This is such an exciting, (stressful, at times) process and we hope you get to soak it all in! Second of all, you are probably being bombarded with a million things that you should be doing or feeling. Were here to give you some relieflots of those shoulds are total myths, we promise.


Heres the proof:


Myth #1: Wedding planning is always stressful and tiresome


So many brides go into the process of planning their wedding dreading the unavoidable stress and tediousness. VALID. It seems like an overwhelming amount of detail work and planningI mean its your WEDDING, right?! Absolutely. But you know what they say, How do you run a marathon? One step at a time. Yep, that old cliche rings true, especially in wedding planning. Enjoy every little step, even the hard ones, knowing that at the end of the day, your wedding is for you and your fiancé and it is only as stressful as you think it needs to be.



Myth #2: Money spent=fun had


Heck. No. DIY can be your bff, and there are some incredible ways to cut costs and save some $$ (Pinterest can help out a ton with this). Your guests are here for you, and in no way does the amount of money spent equate to how special your day is.


Myth #3: You have to lose weight for your big day


Ugh, we are SO SICK of hearing this one. Brides, that number on your tag has absolutely NOTHING to do with your beauty or your value (see how we feel about body love here). You look good, girl. We promise.



Myth #4: You have to wear white


Yeah, white is sure pretty, (I mean, we are Honest in Ivory so it holds a special place in our hearts), but some of our favorite gowns in the store are Blush, Latte, Lavender, etc. Some brides are even choosing to have a colored fabric added in alterations! How cool?? Break the mold! Gold dress with stars, anyone?


Myth #5: The wedding is all about your guests


Sure, its really nice to think about them, but at the end of the day, the day is yours and your fiancés.


Myth #6: You have to wear a dress


GASP. Turns out, this isn't a requirement. Times are-a changin. We have some killer jumpsuits just saying;)



Myth #7: You have to wear a veil


Hat? UM, YES. Cape? WOWZA. Headpiece? DUH. Flower crown? DONE. Veils are 100% not a must. We love to see the creative alternatives that our brides have come up with!


Myth #8: You have to invite everyone youve ever known


Nope, not even close. This ones pretty self explanatory. Wondering if you have to invite your coworker from your second job, or your friend from elementary school that you are Facebook friends with? I mean, up to you, but feel empowered to have people there that you are comfortable with and that support you, and know you.



Myth #9: Your wedding has to be during the summer


Weve seen some pretty unreal weddings in EVERY season. Give us those warm fall terra-cottas or some snowy pictures any day!


Myth #10: Youre posting too many of your wedding pics


THIS ONE IS THE WORST. There is no such thing. Post, double post, triple post, girl!!!! We bet your wedding photos are the most beautiful things ever, and there is absolutely 0 shame in posting them all over, everywhere, all the time. People can keep scrolling if they are annoyed. We hope you can relish in the memories and relive those moments over and over through your pictures. Keep those pics coming!


Well, there ya go, friends, 10 myths totally debunked. We hope this took some pressures off of the norms of wedding planning, and encourages you to totally do your own dang thing.



Honest in Ivory